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    Stainless steel valve products manufactured and sold by KIZO Valve are mainly  used in control of liquid, and now, with development of the stainless steel  valve industry, application of the products is more and more extensive and  becomes closely related to our daily life. Now, the products are widely used in  construction equipment, water supply and sewage disposal system, natural gas  transportation and use, medicine and pharmacy, food or drink processing,  chemical industry and other fields.

    Construction industry: The products are used in internal liquid transport of  buildings, equipment heating, cooling, and sanitation and fire protection  system.
    Water treatment: The products are used in water supply equipment system as well  as domestic water and sewage disposal equipment.

    Natural gas: The products are used in the natural gas industry, including  natural gas processing plant, liquefied natural gas equipment, natural gas  pipeline transportation or even small private gas equipment.

    Pharmacy and food: Stainless steel valves play a very important role in  pharmaceutical equipment and food processing equipment as well, particularly in  enterprises of beverage, drinks and dairy products etc.

    Chemical industry: our products are used in oil refining and processing plants,  oil pipe connection and control, oil trucks and petrochemical products.


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