Eleven five Chinese machinery industry main achievements


During the period of "11th five-year plan", our country mechanical industry continues the "fifteen" overall good momentum for the development of the high-speed, industry scale, industrial structure, product level, and international competitiveness has greatly improved.


1, industry scale leaps to the world


During the period of "11th five-year plan", the scale of industrial machinery industry sustained and rapid growth. 2010 machinery industrial added value accounts for the proportion of GDP has more than 9%; Gross value of industrial output increased from 2005, 4 trillion yuan in 2010 to 14 trillion yuan, an average annual growth rate of over 25%, from 16.6% to 16.6% of the total in the national industrial; Enterprises above designated size reached more than 100000, an increase of nearly 5 m at the end of the "15", employs 17.52 million people, total assets reached 10.4 trillion yuan, more than doubled at the end of the "15". In 2009, our country mechanical industry sales of $1.5 trillion, $1 trillion more than $1.2 trillion in Japan and the United States, ranked first, become the world's first big machinery manufacturing.


2, will markedly enhance its capability of equipment support


Since the "eleventh five year plan", under the demand of high-speed growth, the level of mechanical products in China has great progress, mechanical products in the domestic market share has been raised by 80% in 2005 to more than 85% of the 2010, self-independence of major technical equipment made a big breakthrough, the more the security of national economy industries.


3, structural adjustment made some progress


In the aspect of capital structure: diversification, industry the development of endogenous energy is more and more strong. In the aspects of organization structure: enterprise small and scattered situation changed, the main industry production concentration increasing, especially in the automobile, engineering machinery, power generation equipment and other industries.


(Manager zhang)

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